Thursday, August 30, 2007

31st Convocation in UPM

That morning it started to rainning ..... luckly it stopped when the whole morning ceremony ended...... Manage to meet up with Cheong, Joo Ling and Sohail....Just took some picture with my family and celebrate near the hotel...... Sunday morning went back to UPM to take the photo which cost RM50 and turn out ugly.... hai...... and suppose to open the counter at 9am, delay half an hour..... sien...... luckly the counter to return the jubah open early and manage to get my certificate...... It's a tiring convocation for me, but I'm happy because a new family member joined us by for the BIG day.....

Monday, August 20, 2007

Collection of Graduation Robe

On last Saturday, went down to UPM to collect my graduation robe. Luckly not many people at the School of Graduate studies' counter. Manage to get my robe in less than 10 mins. After that went to 1U with my parents, long time didn't go to 1U liao.......So happen they have the animax fashin ability at the north court..... I went to get a temporary tatoo... hehehe which I want to have tatoo for such a long time but dont have the gut to tatoo it. Since its free, just have the airbrush one, better than nothing... hahaha........

The Pos Malaysia, really becoming SNAIL mail...... I received my letter on 18 Aug after I came back from my trip to K.L. Luckly I check at UPM's website, if not I'll miss that Saturday for me to collect my graduation robe.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Convocation on 25 Aug

At last, my PhD convocation will be on 25 Aug in the 1st session.... This time I have additional new family member to join me ---------> my cute niece... hehehe. Now she is about 10 months old and love to play and baby talk....

Solo, Jogja, Borobudur, Indonesia

Just came back from my vacation from Indonesia...... .....I got the free ticket from AirAsia, during that time all the popular places had been fully book, lack of choices I had chose Solo....... At least I'm not regret with my choice. It's a nice place to go, but not in Solo, as it has nothing much to do. But in Borobudur, the Candi Borobudur is magnificent...... Nice Buddhist temple, I think it's the largest in South East Asia.
It is a place must go and see.

Other than Borobudur, another place must see is Prambanan, a Hindu temple....... largest in Indonesia. Both places are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. It is a waste that I cannot go inside the Candi Prambanan due to the recent earthquake that had made it unsafe to go inside. Overall the whole trip was worth it and I do enjoy it very much......