Sunday, October 28, 2007

Deepavali coming soon

Will be going to meet him soon........ hehehe as the Deepavali holiday is at the corner and I have a long holiday as my work place will be close from Wed till Sun..... with such a long off, nothing to do and at last can go to visit him again as both of us agree on that.....cant wait for that day to come..... But the weather has change from warm to cold as now is winter time in Korea. Temperature at day is like 20 degree and night will go down to like less than 10 degree.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Jinju, Korea Trip

I spend my whole week of the mooncake festival (23-29 Sept) in Jinju Korea, the purpose to go there is to meet someone special...hehehehe.... Its a nice place to visit, although it is not as great as Seoul, but I like the environment there -----> a small town, peaceful town.

The weather in Korea is not as cold as I excepted, it is around 27 degree C in daylight and about 19 degree C in the night time. I have a wonderful time there..... manage to see the beautiful Jinju Fortess during the Japaness invasion, some sightseeing at the nearby area and fishing whole afternoon till night and manage to caught some fish. The night view at the Jinju Fortess is very beautiful.

The food there is mainly korean food, every meal will have kimchi as the main dish, which I hate most. As before I left Korea, I manage to see the night view of Busan, and the beautiful bridge there. I love the night view in Korea. I hope can return there next time.