Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year............

This year is very special to me, as it was begin in Borobudur & Dieng Plateau, Jave, Indonesia. First time celebrating New Year out of Malaysia, with a total different celebration, a slience celebration and full of traditional dances. This time I went to Solo, Java, Indonesia again with my family. The travelling itenery was slightly different from my previous one, but the main attraction ---- Candi Borobudur is a must!

For this time, I stay in Hotel Manohara for 3D2N, then move to Dieng Plateau; which is a nice and cool place to visit, as the famous tourist spot are Telaga Warna, Kawah Sikidang, Kompleks Ajunan.... These can cover in 2 hours. But we spend there for about 3 hours. Later move down back to Wonobusno and then to Jogja.

In Jogja, spend about 4D3N there, visited Kraton (Palace of Jogja) then headed to Taman Sari and later to Gemuk pasir. The most disappointed one is gemuk pasir CHEATED by the pamplet. The pamplet show it like in desert but in reality its SUCKS!!!! Overall I'm very happy with the trip especially the Dieng Plateau....... nice view, cool weather.

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